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Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

Reduce expenses. Increase security. Save time.

Mobile device management doesn't just require thinking bigger. It requires thinking better.

The workforce is getting more mobile, and managing complex mobile environments is ever more challenging and costly for businesses of all sizes. Our mobile device management solutions bring organizations security while reducing the workload and the costs associated with mobility management.

Benefits and Features of Wireless Watchdogs Mobile Device Management Solutions:

Correct Device Configruation
Devices are delivered with all the software workers need, ensuring users don't have to configure their own device, reducing costly help desk calls.
Multiple Security Policies
Organizations can easily manage multiple policies to make sure the right users have the right access — and others don't.
Increased Device Security
Our deployment solutions will ensure that devices are built in accordance with company security policies, helping to lock down the data and network.
Bring Your Own Device Support
Optional BYOD support provides you the flexibility to allow workers to use their own devices, and makes integrating and securing those devices quick and easy.

OTA Enrolling and Updating
Adding new devices on the fly is simple and over-the-air updates ensure that all devices always have the latest updates and security releases.
Secure Email Gateway
This optional feature helps to ensure that only work-appropriate email usage occurs on the device — and that when it does, it's secure.
End User Support
Live 24x7 tech support lets end-users stay up and running at all times, decreasing expensive downtime and substantially lowering help desk costs.
Consolidated Online Reporting
On-demand, real-time reporting gives stakeholders access to actionable data into the mobile workforce company-wide.


enterprise spending on mobile devices can be cut with Mobile Device Management Services.
million mobile devices and connections were added in 2016.



devices are infected with Malware every 6 months.